Our dedicated team will sit down to listen to all your needs, create mood boards with inspirational images, provide samples, and be on-site for setup and breakdown to ensure a professional experience.

Bamboo Florist

Details matter

Details matter, at BAMBOO we strive to go beyond providing excellent products, blooms, and foliage plants. Our experienced staff listens to your needs, are mindful of your budget, and can guide you in making all the decisions necessary when putting together a corporate event.

Our Process

Working on a consultative basis, our process begins with a visit, allowing us to discuss specific requirements and get a feel for an organisation’s space, location and corporate image. Then we create exciting designs, specifying plants that will thrive in your environment, and provide an accurate quote based on a minimum contract spend. We can also work with your interior design team’s mood boards and floor plans.

Once a planting solution and maintenance contract is chosen, our installation team deliver and install the new greenery, all with minimum disruption. An assigned technician will then make regular, scheduled visits to ensure plants are watered, fed and in perfect condition.

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